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Beijing Biennale in the Eyes of Diplomats


——Congratulations from Embassies in China for the 15th Anniversary of Beijing Biennale


Embassy of Austria in China:



Embassy of Bangladesh in China:



Embassy of Bulgaria in China:


Embassy of Canada in China : 


Embassy of Chile in China:



Embassy of Colombia in China:



Embassy of Congo(Brazzaville) in China: 




Embassy of Ecuador in China


Embassy of Georgia in China : 


Embassy of Germany in China:


Embassy of Greece in China:




Embassy of Grenada in China :




Embassy of Hungary in China :



Embassy of Indonesia in China:



Embassy of Iraq in China:



Embassy of Laos in China: 


Embassy of Maldives in China : 




Embassy of Mexio in China:




Embassy of Netherlands in China:



Embassy of Palestine in China: 




Embassy of Pakistan in China:




Embassy of Spain in China: 


Embassy of Sri Lanka in China : 



Embassy of Sweden in China



Embassy of Switzerland in China: 



Embassy of Syria in China:



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