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Beijing Biennale in the Eyes of Chinese and Foreign Curators


Zeng Chenggang(China) 

About the Lotus / 2007 / stainless steel / 100cm×100cm×60cm 

Works of the 3rd Beijing Biennale, 2008 


    In its 15 years of development, the Beijing International Art Biennale has been actively and professionally exploring the current universal and widely concerned issues in the world. Focusing on contemporary easel paintings and sculptures and under the collective curating system, the Biennale has established a brand with distinctive Chinese characteristics, which has now become an effective carrier for displaying the charm of cultural diversity and has played a positive role in promoting the communication and mutual learning among different civilizations. I wish and believe that the Beijing International Art Biennale will make continuous progress.  

Zhu Di 

Director of Art Department, Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China 

Curatorial Team Member of BIAB 

    I have a strong affection for the Beijing Biennale. From the 1st Biennale which I joined as a participating artist to the current exhibition where I am a member of the curatorial committee, I have witnessed the Biennale has grown into the biggest and best international art platform in China. Without the joint efforts of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Beijing Municipal Government as well as China Artists Association, such a large-scale international Biennale wouldn’t even be possible. So far, the number of participating countries and regions has grown from the initial 45 to the present over 100, which is a strong demonstration of the efficiency of the organization. To enhance the quality of works of Chinese artists, develop the concept of harmonious world and facilitate the equal dialogue between diverse cultures through such a way of organization, which has proved to be the most effective way, is one of the advantages and characteristics of the Beijing Biennale. On the joyous occasion of the 15th anniversary, I sincerely hope the Biennale sticks to its originality while becoming more influential in the international art scene and achieves greater success in the future.  

Lu Yushun  

Executive Vice-President of China National Academy of Painting  

Curatorial Team Member of BIAB  


    Since the foundation in 2003, the Beijing Biennale has based its artistic exploration on the strengthening of cultural confidence and consciousness, making the most of the expertise of the curatorial team. It advocates diversity in world cultures and forms of art, so while it gives priority to easel arts mainly represented by painting and sculpture, it also takes in some forms of new media arts like installation and videos and photographs, and the subjects it focuses on range from artistic innovation, humanity to various global issues concerning the common destiny of all mankind. With the increase of participating countries and influence, the Beijing Biennale has grown into a grand international event featuring both international vision and Chinese values and has played an increasingly important role in cultural communication and mutual learning. Under this year’s theme of “The Silk Road and World Civilizations”, the Biennale will surely continue its role as a bridge of communication and sharing between the East and the West and propel the innovative transformation and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture. And in turn, the Silk Road spirit will be spread around the globe to present to mankind a spiritual feast of the unparalleled philosophy, wisdom, bearing and charm of Chinese culture.  

Xue Yongnian  

Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts  

Curatorial Team Member of BIAB 


    The Beijing Biennale is an expanding art platform for friendly communication, which welcomes artists around the world who stick to their independent values. The world is so big but at the same time so small. To some extent, artists play a similar role; they experience the world together while performing as a warning sign. 

Chao Ge  

Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts  

Curatorial Team Member of BIAB 

I rejoice that the artists’ eyes are far-sighted and discerning Always acquiring real impressions and discoveries. I rejoice that the artists’ dreams are shared and appreciated Uniting colorful longings into one inner aspiration. I rejoice that the artists’ thoughts connect the ancient and the present  

Shaping the easel art through the flowing of time.  

I rejoice that the artists’ imaginations travel without a restraint Observing the delicate while being amorous. I rejoice that the artists’ emotions are as deep as the ocean  

Shocking your heart and mine at first sight.  

I rejoice that the exhibition presents more than the call of art Together with more and stronger friendship. I rejoice that this artist party happening every other year Never gets lost in the Forgotten River of memory  

Ding Ning  

Professor of Peking University  

Curatorial Team Member of BIAB 


    After fifteen years of development, the Beijing Biennale has grown into one of the largest international platforms of art, which has effectively contributed to the deepening of cultural exchanges between China and the world. Let us wish the Beijing Biennale a bright future!  

Yang Feiyun  

Dean of Department of Oil Painting, Chinese National Academy of Arts  

Curatorial Team Member of BIAB  


    I want to extend my congratulation to the 7th Beijing International Art Biennale on its works by artists from around the world. This year’s theme, “The Silk Road and World Civilizations”, was a call to showcase works by artists from diverse backgrounds who are creating art that informs the public about their cultures and the current of the times. The Silk Road gave China and the world a path to trade and prosperity, but the most important of all, it was the start of cultural exchanges, an appreciation for other peoples’ histories, customs, traditions and goods. Although we are from different cultures and may look different, we all have similar emotions and desires, and at the end we are all humans and we should respect and appreciate each other’s contributions to this world we live in. But it is through the arts that all peoples, artists, viewers and historians can exchange ideas or personal circumstances to create a dialogue that can bring us together with a common understanding about love, peace, freedom, humanity and life. In this year’s Beijing Biennale I hope to see strong, illuminating, thought-provoking artworks by the best contemporary artists from China and around the world.  

Miguel Angel(USA)  

Vice-President and Editor of Studio International  

International Curator of BIAB 


Asano Hitoshi(Japan) 

The depth of the cloud / 2001 / mixed media / 260cm×360cm 

Works of the 4th Beijing Biennale, 2010 


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