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The reference to the theme creation of the 8th Beijing Biennale(III)


Sino-foreign cultural blending: to express people-to-people diplomacy, Confucius Institute, Sinology hot , the enthusiasm in learning Chinese, the popularity of traditional Chinese medicine, international joint archaeology, the story of typical people for Sino-foreign cultural exchanges.




Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit missionary and scholar, became an official in the Ming Dynasty and became a forerunner of cultural exchanges between China and the West.


Foreign model is showing Chinese Cheongsam

"Yihui Wuzhou" shows cross-cultural art exchange 

Foreign tourists are trying the Chinese paper-cut  

 Diplomacy of Panda——Sculptures with the theme of panda at the Eiffel Tower 


World Cultural Heritage——The performance of Chinese Kunqu Opera is popular at oversea  

 Foreigners are learning the Beijing opera 


Teaching foreigners to play the Chinese Guzheng 

Foreigners is performing the Chinese comic dialogue  

The performance of the Chinese acrobatic troupe in Monte Carlo Circus Festival   



The Confucius Institute of Royal Danish Academy of Music unveiled  

The Confucius Institute of Glasgow University of UK  

The Confucius Institute of Bangor University  


Foreign students is feeling the Chinese Han culture  

Foreign young people are keen to learn Chinese Calligraphy   

Indigenous Maori of New Zealand experience Chinese tea in their own ethnic costumes  


Many people begin to learn Ikebana since the popularity of Sinology  

Chinese fragrance making has also entered the vision of foreign friends who want to experience Sinology  

  The foreigners who study the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts 


The daughters of the American financier Rogers speak Chinese fluently  


The enthusiasm in learning Chinese in Africa  


The enthusiasm in learning Chinese in Belt and Road countries  


The traditional Chinese medicine is popular at overseas   

  中The popularity of traditional Chinese medicine----foreign students 

The popularity of traditional Chinese medicine in Trinidad and Tobago   

Tu Youyou, a Chinese scientist who won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine   


State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China signed a memorandum of cooperation with the American Planning Association


China-Honduras collaborative archaeological staffs are working together   

Chinese-foreign archaeologists are visiting the Dongzhao Site in Zhengzhou   

Chinese-foreign archaeologists are visiting the Taijia Temple Site in Funan  

At the international seminar of "one belt and one road", archaeologists from China and Uzbekistan jointly released the latest archaeological achievements of the historical and cultural sites on the Silk Road


The prime minister of Belgium is welcoming the Chinese Panda in the airport 



(Note: All the above pictures are from the Internet. Chinese and foreign artists should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of copyright laws at home and abroad in the process of creation when referring to other people's writing, photography and other graphics and literary materials. The artists should be fully and creatively transformed the reference from the perspective of art creation and should not directly copy the composition, color, character image of the reference photographic works, etc. Please do not plagiarize; otherwise, the persons involved in the related copyright legal issues should undertake the responsibility by themselves)  

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