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The reference to the theme creation of the 8th Beijing Biennale(V))

Poverty alleviation and disaster reduction---to express International disaster reduction day, resilience cities, and China's International Assistance for other countries' Natural Disasters; China's Participation in International Poverty Alleviation; and China's Poverty Alleviation Story, including the Typical Persons' deeds in poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, such as industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, cultural poverty alleviation; and China's key time node,2020 in the battle against poverty and so on.


Climatic anomaly









On the 26th International Day for Disaster Reduction, a "SOS Rapid Rescue Team" consisting of 21 community volunteers was set up at the Nanxiaobu Community in Hangzhou. Under the guidance of the professional rescue team, the SOS Rapid Rescue Team conducted a drill of high-rise lifesaving project etc. for the citizens.


China international rescue team carried out the rescue mission in New Zealand in 2011


China international rescue team carried out the rescue mission in Haiti in 2010


China international rescue team carried out the rescue mission in Pakistan in 2005


A member of China international rescue team is changing the medicine for the earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince of Haiti


Green Eco-City


Low-carbon City

Sponge City

Resilience cities

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