Exhibition News

The reference to the theme creation of the 8th Beijing Biennale(IX)





China will continue to be the engine of the world economic growth








United Nations officials make a vow in front of the Charter of the United Nations




Dialogue instead of confrontation



Chinese Peacekeeping soldiers




Sino-Italian police joint patrol


On April 25 in 2017, the officers of the Sino-Italien police joint patrol are in front of the Qiniandian of the Temple of Heaven















Diplomacy of Panda——Sculptures with the theme of panda at the Eiffel Tower



Foreign young people are keen to learn Chinese Calligraphy



The daughters of the American financier Rogers speak Chinese fluently



The foreigners who study the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts



The bronze statue of Marx which was created by the famous sculptor, Mr.Wu Weishan and given as a present by the Chinese government unveiled in Simon square, Trier, Germany



The "one belt and one road" cultural exchange event held in Datong, China



The staff members of Chinese enterprises who participate in the construction of one belt and one road are holding a collective wedding ceremony overseas





China builds the biggest air cleaner in the world.


The fashion cover magazine will soon become recycled paper at a popular newspaper and magazine collection station in Haidian District, Beijing


Waste collectors use abandoned bathtubs to grow onions at an e-waste collection site in Dongxiaokou Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing



The New energy industry becomes the new engine of the economic development in Gansu



The holding quantity of new energy vehicle in China stays on top in the world, and will be more than 5,000,000 in 2020


Saihanba forest farm of Hebei province in China was given the title ofEarth Guard Award" by the United Nations


Chinese homestay industry stimulates revitalization of rural areas


Liuzhou of Guangxi , China is building a green city to ensure its livability in the whole district



(Note: All the above pictures are from the Internet. Chinese and foreign artists should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of copyright laws at home and abroad in the process of creation when referring to other people's writing, photography and other graphics and literary materials. The artists should be fully and creatively transformed the reference from the perspective of art creation and should not directly copy the composition, color, character image of the reference photographic works, etc. Please do not plagiarize; otherwise, the persons involved in the related copyright legal issues should undertake the responsibility by themselves) 

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