Exhibition News

The reference to the theme creation of the 8th Beijing Biennale(II)


China's opportunities: to express multilateral trade, typical foreigners who have successfully started their business in China, etc 


The influence of Chinese traditional civilization to the human civilization



Chinese Peking Opera in Chinese quarter of New York



China Culture Year in Italy 



Foreign friends learn Chinese paper-cut



The Chinese dog year stamp was released in Canada



Foreign friends participate in the Chinese competition


Folk diplomacy –The final of the 17th Chinese competition of International university students Chinese Bridge is held in Hunan Province of China


Delicious food is a world language 


Chongqing Reproduces Ancient "Flower Festival", 100 Chinese and foreign youths experience traditional Chinese Coming-of-age ceremony


A Mexican girl is taking photos of the Tibetan costume


The innovation of Chinese storytelling has made foreigners more fascinated by Chinese culture.


Foreign students in the Confucius Institute is learning Chinese paintings 



More than 40 teachers and students from Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries listened to the traditional Chinese medicine culture in Fuyang, Hangzhou, and experienced health care programs such as massage and acupuncture



(Note: All the above pictures are from the Internet. Chinese and foreign artists should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of copyright laws at home and abroad in the process of creation when referring to other people's writing, photography and other graphics and literary materials. The artists should be fully and creatively transformed the reference from the perspective of art creation and should not directly copy the composition, color, character image of the reference photographic works, etc. Please do not plagiarize; otherwise, the persons involved in the related copyright legal issues should undertake the responsibility by themselves) 


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