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Curatorial Committee:
The Curatorial Committee of the 8th Beijing Biennale (Curatorial Committee for short), composed of directors of the organizations involved, artists and invited international curators under takes the academic work of the Biennale’s preparation and exhibition, including recommendation of specially invited artists from home and abroad, selection of artworks, planning for the symposium and editorial work for the catalogue etc.
Counselors (2): Jin Shangyi, Shao Dazhen
Chief Curators (5): Zuo Zhongyi, Feng Yuan, Wang Mingming, Xu Li, 
Wu Weishan
Curatorial Team (20) (in the order of Chinese surname strokes):
Ding Ning, Ma Shulin, Wang Yong, Bao Lin, Lu Yushun, Tian Liming, Liu Jin’an, Li Xiangqun, Yang Feiyun, Zou Wen, Shang Hui, Zhang Xiaoling, Hang Jian, Hu Wei, Tao Qin, Zhu Di, Chao Ge, Dong Xiaoming, Tan Ping, Xue Yongnian
International Curators (3): Vencenzo Sanfo(Italy), Beate Reifenscheid(Germany), Miguel Angel Benavides(USA)
Convenors of Curatorial Committee (2): Tao Qin, Wang Yong
Chief Curators
Curatorial Team
International Curators




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