Appreciationof works

Tree of life——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Jacqueline Rodriguez (Peru)

 Tree of life / 2013 / acrylic on canvas / 150cm×150cm 

Appreciation: the acrylic painting by Peruvian artist Jacqueline Rodriguez, depicts a half representational ,half abstract image of a modern female with surrealistic approach. The top part of her body is completely impressionistic. The red dot in the center represents beating heart of life, the blown ribbon grows like nature tree expanding, and the free splashed green color is the leaves. This is the laud of life as well as the expression of dream. (Wang Yong)

Jacqueline Rodriguez was born in 1962 in Arequipa of Peru and graduated from the National School of Fines Arts of Lima. Now she is a professor and artist in the Pontificia University Catholic of Peru. She has participated in the exhibitions in the Museum of Kaunas of Lithuania 2014.

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