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Breastfeeding, Tenderness and Love——Appreciation of works



Augusto Garcia Penalva (Peru)

Breastfeeding, Tenderness and Love/2012/oil on canvas/145cm×225cm 

Appreciation: Mother is who gives birth and feeds life. Peruvians worship Inti, the god of sun, as well as Panchemama, the earth mother. Peruvian artist Augusto Garcia Penalva was born in Cuzco (literally "navel," in a figurative meaning "center"), the capital of ancient Inca Empire, which is a fertile and magical place nurturing life. In Penalva’s painting, Breastfeeding, Tenderness and Love, three Peruvian mothers and their children compose with the Andes Mountain. The figures of mothers are gentle, kind, vigorous and exaggerated. They are just like the earth mother, feeding children with milk, taking care of their health and holding them in the arms. (Wang Yong)

Augusto Garcia Penalva was born in 1945 in Cusco of Peru and now he is an artist. He has participated in the International Euroamerican Exhibitions from 1999 to 2014 in Miami of USA, exhibitions in Pietra Santa of Italy, Campeche of Mexicom in Cusco of Peru and other exhibitions in Paris of France and so on.


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