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Autumn Scenery beyond the Great Wall——Appreciation of works



Wang Hongjian(China)

《Autumn Scenery beyond the Great Wall》 / 2011 / Oil on canvas /


Appreciation: Chinese painter Wang Hongjian specializes in realism oil painting of Chinese rural life theme. Comparing to the elegance of Guo Runwen’s work and the beauty of Wang Yidong’s work, it is more about rural life’s simple, cumbersome and realistic. Wang’s painting, Autumn Scenery beyond the Great Wall, depicts the potato harvest scene in SaiBei plateau. The image emphasizes the fresh earth atmosphere, hearty sunshine, and warm colors tone as well as highlights the simple figure of a farmer and his joy of life. Realistic style and delicate brushstrokes indicate the unique texture of oil paintings, rather than rigid photocopies. (Wang Yong)

Wang Hongjian born in Henan in 1955, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Henan University and is now a professor of the School of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University. He has participated in“The Sixth National Exhibition of Fine Arts”(won the silver award),“The Eighth / Ninth National Exhibition of Fine Arts”(won the gold award),“The Tenth National Exhibition of Fine Arts”(won the bronze award), and“The Third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition”(won the Excellence Award).

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