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Youth of Djokjakarta——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB



Xie Dongming(China)

Youth of Djokjakarta / 2015 / Oil on Canvas / 130cm×190cm

Appreciation: Chinese painter Xie Dongming’s early works "Tibetan women series" began to explore the localization of oil painting. His study continues further, from the outside to the inside, from the patterning and decorative to brushwork and expression, getting closer to the traditional Chinese art spirit of freehand brushwork, but still keep the characteristics of oil painting’s colorful brushstroke and texture of realistic. His drawing, Youth of Djokjakarta, indicates Youth of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, using Kuangcao-style brushwork and sculpture-like color texture to shape three youth sitting by the sea in simple and solid figures. The texture of surging waves, glowing sunlight and outstanding body are quite powerful, integrating artist’s never faded passionate.(Wang Yong)

Xie Dongming a native of Beijing born in 1956, was a graduate of oil painting department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with bachelor’s degree. He is now a professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, member of the Art Committee of the Academy, Director of Third Studio of Oil Painting Department, Deputy Director of Oil Painting Art Committee of China Artists Association, member of the Council of Art of China Oil Painting Society, and researcher of Oil Painting Institute of China National Academy of Painting.

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